8 Garden Mistakes & How to Fix Them
How to Garden in Arizona - Tips & Tricks

8 Mistakes Gardeners Make and How to Fix Them – FREE WEBINAR

The new gardening trend has been taking the world by storm recently. Recent events around the world has made people realize where their food really comes from. Global events like this one can have devastating effects on our food supply. More people are yearning to be more self sufficient so they can rely less on grocery stores for food and learn to provide for their families. This can easily be done whether you have room for a full blown homestead, or an urban backyard.

8 Garden Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Join us on Friday, May 15th, 2020 for a FREE WEBINAR to learn the 8 gardening mistakes you can quit making now, or if you are new to gardening, which mistakes you can avoid. That’s why my friends at Ultimate Bundles have partnered with Angi Schneider to create a free class called: 8 Mistakes Gardeners Make and How to Fix Them.

8 Mistakes Gardeners Make and How to Fix Them

Angi will be teaching about topics like:

  • Soil health
  • Watering best practices
  • How to deal with pests
  • How to buy the best foods for your body
  • How to prioritize your planting schedule
  • And more!


Both new and old gardeners have had made many mistakes. Over time you can learn new skills and become the master gardener for your family. Making mistakes is not a bad thing. Gardening is all about experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t in the region you live in. Learning what to plant when, how much to water, and the difference between good & bad bugs.

This free gardening webinar is a great place to start. Education of any kind makes your journey to a productive garden a little easier. I hope you can join Anji Schneider & Ultimate Bundles on May 15th and get a head start on your summer garden.

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