What to Plant in September in your Arizona Garden

September Garden Calendar For The Low Desert.

We finally made it through the desert summer here in Phoenix. The temps are starting to slowly cool down which ...
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How to Start A Worm Farm

How to Start A Worm Business From Home

Worm farming is on the rise. For about 8 years I operated a small worm from up in Washington State ...
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JULY Harvest Totals for a small backyard farm

What we harvested in our backyard garden in July

July in Phoenix is HOT HOT HOT! The temperatures have been regularly hovering over 105 degrees this month. So how ...
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Natural Backyard Remedies

Medicinal Plants in Your Backyard

One of the best parts about gardening is getting closer to nature. Not only do you learn about what plants ...
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What to plant in the low desert of Arizona in August

What to Grow In your Low Desert Garden In August

With the coming of the monsoon rains, August is an excellent time to start your fall garden. Not sure what ...
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What are microgreens - rambo radish

What are Microgreens

The middle of July is upon us here in Phoenix. Today's high will be over 112 outside the city. When ...
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June Garden Harvest Totals - Urban Backyard Garden

What did we grow in our small backyard garden in June?

June was a fairly productive month here in the Yardibles urban garden. Our Anna Apples were ready to harvest this ...
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What to plant in July in Arizona Garden

What to Plant in your Arizona Low Desert Garden in July

It is heating up here in the Arizona desert, but it is not too late to plant your garden. There ...
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How to grow cantaloupe in your summer garden

Cantaloupe is one of those love it or hate it type fruits. However, when it comes to growing in the ...
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Battling Squash Bugs in the Garden

Battling Squash Bugs In The Garden Organically

Squash bugs just make me want to squish them. They have taken over a few of my squash plants this ...
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What we harvest in May from the desert garden

What did I grow on 1/4 acre in May?

Yardibles is located on a little less than a quarter-acre lot, with some of the land in an HOA governed ...
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What to plant in Arizona in June

What to plant in your Arizona garden in JUNE?

Here in the desert, the heat is starting to come on. Today it may reach 110 degrees and it is ...
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8 Garden Mistakes & How to Fix Them

8 Mistakes Gardeners Make and How to Fix Them – FREE WEBINAR

The new gardening trend has been taking the world by storm recently. Recent events around the world has made people ...
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How to Remove a Gas Tank From John Deere LA115

How to remove an old gas tank from a John Deere LA115 Riding Lawn Mower

This morning we ventured over to my parents house to help them replace a leaking gas tank from our old ...
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How to grow Armenian Cucumbers plus 35 cucumber recipes

Growing Armenian Cucumbers in the Phoenix Arizona Desert

Living in Arizona means gardening all year long.  The trick to growing veggies here is knowing the best times to ...
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How to harvest, wash & store lettuce from your garden

How To Harvest, Wash & Store Lettuce

This is a great tip that I learned from my mother-in-law on how to store washed lettuce. She told me ...
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how to harvest & prepare Moringa pods

How to Harvest & Prepare Moringa Pods

Moringa trees also referred to as Drumstick Trees. They are easy to grow in the Southwest and provide a good ...
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Drip line irrigation hack

Easy Hack for Irrigation Drip Line Installations

Installing and replacing old worn out drip lines on your irrigation system is no fun. The 1/4 drip lines are ...
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Growing Grapes in Arizona

How to Grow Grapes in Arizona

Even though we live in the desert where Temperatures reach 120 plus in the summertime, there is a wide variety ...
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Homemade Country Christmas

This year we wanted to celebrate a true Homemade Country Christmas.  We decided to forgo the store bought ornaments, tinsel ...
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How to Harvest Worm Castings

Your worms are cozy, happy and well fed. That means that your bins are filling up with black gold AKA ...
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What To Feed Your Red Worms

Now that your worms are accustomed to their new home you will want to start slowly feeding them. We recommend ...
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How to Set up a Worm Bin

So you bought a worm bin.... now what? If you need help deciding what kind of composting worms will work ...
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Everything you want to know about garden worms

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Worms!

Many people have many questions about the keeping of worms. There are many great resources available on the web to ...
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What Is A Wicking Bed

So as you may know, we have recently moved from Washington, the state of perpetual rain to Arizona..... the desert ...
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Worm Bin

Worm Bin Bedding

Once you purchase or make your worm bin you will need to supply the worms with bedding in which they ...
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Common Types of Worms for Home Composting

If you are interested in home composting, there is no faster way to turn your food scraps into nutrient-rich compost ...
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Affordable DIY Patio

Below is a project and write up I completed while living in Washington State.  Let me know what you think!!!! ...
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Aqua what? Aquaponics!

My love of gardening plus my love of tinkering = a love for trying & building new things. One day ...
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