JULY Harvest Totals for a small backyard farm
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What we harvested in our backyard garden in July

July in Phoenix is HOT HOT HOT! The temperatures have been regularly hovering over 105 degrees this month. So how does the hot weather affect the garden? See what we harvested in our backyard garden in July.

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What we harvested this month in our small urban garden:

I have to admit, July IS NOT my favorite time of year to be gardening here in Phoenix. Unfortunately, we lost a few plants this month to both heat and pests. I will be the first to admit, this year has been a tough transition year for the garden. It is 2020 after all, and even the garden is not getting a break from the chaos this year. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It doesn’t matter how seasoned a gardener you are or if you are just a beginner. It happens to the best of us.

As soon as the hot weather kicked in, my cucumber plants started to decline. I think it was a combo of whiteflies and heat that did them in. However, after our brief monsoon rain the other day they are popping back to life and we are still hoping for a decent harvest next month.

July Harvest Tracker:

I have been impatiently waiting for our cantaloupe to ripen so we can harvest it, but it looks like that may happen next month in August. The watermelon vines are growing like crazy and starting to produce. They also seem to be sheltering one of our struggling pumpkin plants and it too seems to be making a comeback.

Fruit harvest:

Anna Apples.00
Goji Berries00
Passion Fruit
Fruit Harvest July
Botanical Interests Garden Seeds

Vegetable Harvest:

Some of the tomato plants are fighting to stay alive. Just a few more weeks and we will be in the clear and will be enjoying more tomato harvests in the fall. Same with the tomatillos.

The black beans have surprised us this year. The plants are enormous and are trying to break out of the shaded hoop house we created for them. The purple flowers are beautiful and we are hoping for a great harvest next month.

Armenian Cucumber
Beans – Asparagus Bean
Beans – Black Eyed Pea0.070.04
Beans – Black Turtle Beans
Beans- Oriental Yard Long
Beans- Purple Yard Long
Beets -Detroit with tops
Beets – Golden with tops
Longevity Spinach1.550.10
I’toi Onion Tops / Greens
I’toi Onions
Moringa Leaves1.450.09
Moringa Pods0.750.05
Red Pepper
Squash – Cube of Butter
Squash – Patty Pan
Squash Zucchini
Sweet Potato Leaves0.090.06
Tomato – Early Girl18.21.14
Tomato – Red Cherry Volunteer?1.60.1
Tomato -Rutgers
Tomato – Sun Gold1.60.10
Vegetable Harvest July

Herb Harvest:

We only use herbs in small quantities for cooking unless I dehydrate a large batch. Next month I will be dehydrating the rest of my basil for winter use. We tend to use more herbs in the winter with soups, stews, and pasta dishes. Our oregano plant has been going strong for over 4 years and needs to be replanted this year.

Lemon balm
Herb Harvest July

Microgreen Harvest

As far as our new indoor microgreen gardens, they are FLOURISHING! As you can see below, most of the produce we harvested this month came from our microgreen farm. We have been enjoying these at just about every meal. So far, we haven’t found a dish they are not delicious on, well maybe not so good on ice cream.

If you want to learn more about growing your own microgreens, check out this article: How to Grow Microgreens at Home

Growing Red Radish Micro Greens and microgreen july harvest numbers
Rambo Radish10.2.638
Spicy Salad Mix8.85.53
Wheat Grass13.2.825
Microgreen Harvest July
Total Harvest:126.057.88
July Totals

July was not a stellar month for the garden this year. Between the high temps and some watering issues, our numbers were not as high as we had hoped. As things start to cool back down in the next few months things should improve.

So remember, whether you are a seasoned garden with years of experience or brand new to the game, things happen, plants die, water systems break. So DO not get discouraged. Gardening is good for the soul and the mind so keep at it.

What is next for August?

Next month we will be tracking more delicious produce from our little urban garden. Watermelon, Beans, and cantaloupe are on there way. Make sure to check out the August Planting Guide to find out what you can plant in the Low Desert of Arizona in August. This list is long for August. It is time to start planning your fall garden.

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