What to Plant in September in your Arizona Garden
Garden Calendars

September Garden Calendar For The Low Desert.

We finally made it through the desert summer here in Phoenix. The temps are starting to slowly cool down which means it is time to get planting. This is the best time to start most of your cool-season crops here in the valley. We created this detailed September Garden Calendar for the Low Desert as your fall planting reference guide.

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Plant these between September 1st & 15th:

Beans (Snap Beans)

You still have a few more weeks to get your snap beans in the ground before it gets too cold. Here are a few of our favorite bean varieties:


Summer Squash

Last call for summer squash! If you love squash as much as we do, you can still plant out your seeds for zucchini, yellow squash and other summer squash varieties.


Plant End of Month – September 15-30th


Did you know that beets come if a few different colors? Red beets are excellent roasted and pickled. One of our new favorites is Golden Beets with their deep orange center and slightly sweet flavor.


Detroit Red Beets from the Garden outside of Phoenix Arizona
Detroit Red Beets


I don’t know how it woks in you house, but peas RARELY make it to the kitchen. They are a perfect garden snack. Nothing can beat the taste of fresh picked peas right off the vine.


Plant All Month

September is the perfect time of year to get your fall garden started. There are so many great options that you can plant now in your raised bed or in ground garden beds. If you need to add more beds to fit all these plants in, here is a great video instructions for building an easy raised bed garden:

Easy Raised Bed Garden Build

Bok Choy

We just put down seeds in one of our renovated garden beds. Just waiting for the seeds to germinate and dreaming about yummy fall stir fry.



One of our favorite superfoods to grow in the fall is broccoli. There is nothing tastier than organic, homegrown broccoli.


Brussel Sprouts

Not my favorite vegetable in the world, but maybe because I have never grown these myself. This year I may have to give Brussel sprouts a try. The little mini cabbages are so cute growing up the tall plant stalk.


Cabbage (Plus Chinese Cabbage)

We can not wait for the cabbage season and homemade sauerkraut and kimchi. Cabbage has so many uses in the kitchen and can be a great source of natural pro-biotics.



Who doesn’t love carrots? Fresh carrots straight from the garden are so delicious. They are best grown in fall when they can sweeten up with the cold weather setting in.



Cauliflower is a great replacement for rice if you are on a low carb diet. You can even make homemade low carb pizza crusts and so much more with this versatile vegetable.



Celery can sometimes be tricky to grow, at least for me. But homegrown celery is so worth the effort.



Chard is one of our winter staples in the garden. We love adding it stir fry’s, making chard chips (like Kale Chips), and adding fresh leaves to soups and stews.


Swiss Chard grown in a raised garden bed in the low desert
Swiss Chard


Endive is another family favorite that adds texture to ordinary salads. If you let it go to seed you will get beautiful purplish flower blooms in the spring to dress up your garden.


Green Onions

Green onions are one of our favorite plants for our fall garden. We always make sure we have space for quite a few plants.



We just LOVE making Kale Chips. Growing our own kale throughout the winter gives us a nice steady supply whenever we are getting a craving. Kale is also great in soups, stews, and stir fry.



Kohlrabi is an interesting vegetable to grow in the garden. The bulbs on these plants grow above the ground, unlike beets and radishes.



Leeks are easy to grow and perfect for adding to wintertime soups and stews.


Lettuce, Head

We impatiently wait all summer to be able to start seeding lettuce in the garden. My family loves fresh salads. I have a hard time buying lettuce at the store because the taste is nowhere as fresh as homegrown.


Growing Paris Island Romain in Arizona
Growing Lettuce – Paris Island Romain

Lettuce, Leaf

Leaf lettuce is easy to grow in most areas. Our favorite varieties include the red lettuces.



Mustard greens are full of vitamins A and C & K. They also have a good amount of fiber and minerals. A perfect addition to any healthy diet.



Roasted vegetables with parsnips is one of our favorite meals. Check out some of these varieties:


Parsnip Hollow Crown Organic


If you have never tried roasted radishes, now is your chance. Radishes are quick to grow. They only take about 20 days from seed to harvest.



Rutabagas contain vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium. Growing a garden is more exciting to try new vegetables.



Spinach is another winter staple in our house. It is easy to grow and keeps on giving all season long.


  • Spinach – Bloomsdale Long Standing – Organic


Turnips are another great fall vegetable to plant in your garden. Have you ever tried Turnip & Potato Mash? So yummy.


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