How to Remove a Gas Tank From John Deere LA115
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How to remove an old gas tank from a John Deere LA115 Riding Lawn Mower

This morning we ventured over to my parents house to help them replace a leaking gas tank from our old mower. We were gifted this mower from our in-laws when we were living in Washington. We had an acre to mow, and they just purchased a new mower for their property. When we moved to Arizona, we brought the mower with us, ,in case we ended up in a place that had grass. Well, we did not. So we left it at my parents house so they could use it on their 1 acre of lawn.

Now all these years later, the mower is still working like a champ, but it has a few problems. You can follow along on our adventure on your Youtube video for How to remove a gas tank from a John Deere LA115 riding lawn mower here:

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Instructions on how to remove the gas tank on a John Deere LA115 tractor:

Step : Remove the springs from under the seat of the tractor.

You will see the bolts located at the bottom of the springs. Remove both springs.

Remove the seat springs

Step 2:  Remove the battery by disconnecting the battery cables

Disconnect the battery cables and pull out the battery from the battery tray

disconnect the battery

Step 3:  Remove the battery tray – held on by 4 screws

The battery tray is held on by 4 screws. Two at the front of the tray, and two on the sides of the cowling. Remove all 4 screws.

remove the battery tray on LA115

Step 4:  Remove the battery brace on the tray (1 bolt) 

You will also have to remove the battery support bracket. You will see 1 bolt at the front of the tray. Remove the bolt, and lift out the support bracket.

Remove battery support on John Deere

Step 5:  Pull the battery tray out to the side 

The battery tray can now be gently lifted out to the side where the wires are connected to it.

Moving the battery tray aside

Step 6:  Take off the 6 bolts that hold on the cowling – below where the battery tray was

The cowling is held on by 6 bolts. These bolts are located underneath where the battery tray was. Remove all 6 bolts.

remove tractor cowl on john deere LA115

Step 7:  Remove the 6 screws holding on the cowling 

You will also have to locate the 6 screws around the outside of the cowling.

Step by step guide to remove a gas tank

Step 8:  This is the tricky part, remove the cowling – a large flat head screw driver helps

Remove all 6 screws. Now the cowling can be removed. You may need a long flat head screwdriver to gently wedge the cowling out from under the steering wheel.

removing the cowling

Step 8:  Remove the gas hose connected to the gas tank…… non rusty pliers are helpful

Helpful Tip:  If you cannot lift the body to access the tank, remove handle here, and check the position of the brakes.

remove the lever handle to remove the gas tank

Locate the clamp at the top of the gas hose. You will need a set of pliers to cinch down the clamp to loosen it and slide it down the hose. You can now remove the hose from the tank. The gas tank should now pull right out.

remove gas hose on gas tank of john deere la115

Where to buy a new gas tank kit for the John Deere LA115?

When searching for a new tank online, we found that the pricing from various sellers is similar. However, there is one big difference. Some of the companies selling the newer gas tanks are selling them as a kit with fuel line extensions and other necessary. parts. Others, are only shipping the tank, and you have to purchase the accessories separatetly. We found the best deal on Amazon for this tank:

John Deere Original Equipment Fuel Tank GY21876

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