What we harvest in May from the desert garden
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What did I grow on 1/4 acre in May?

Yardibles is located on a little less than a quarter-acre lot, with some of the land in an HOA governed front yard. With over 9 garden beds and other planting areas in the backyard, I thought I would share with you what I grow each month in this 1/4 acre backyard garden.

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Spring harvest for an urban garden in the Arizona desert

You can grow a nice garden on a 1/4 of an acre!

Over the past couple of months, I have been recording my garden harvests daily. I track each item by weight -in ounces then I convert it to pounds. I created a great harvest tracking spreadsheet to keep track of everything that makes it into the house. Yes, there are those times when some of my harvests never make it past the back door, like fresh asparagus spears, peas, tomatoes, and berries. Or those times when friends come by for a large harvest of Moringa leaves and herbs.

What I harvested in May in a 1/4 acre garden in the desert
Late May Garden Harvest

A late start to the 2020 garden

This tracker was started in late May, so this will only include a week of harvest tracking. June will include a full month. Also, keep in mind, I started the garden late this year as I was working on another small business project over the winter. I began planting in March and have been battling squash bugs on most of my squash plants which have set the harvest behind. Here are my results for the end of May:

Garden Tower Project

May Harvest Tracker: (May 26-31st)

Anna Apples.2.550.16
Goji Berries4.60.29
Passion Fruit
Last Week of May Harvest
Armenian Cucumber
Beans – Asparagus Bean
Beans – Black Eyed Pea
Beans – Black Turtle Beans
Beans- Oriental Yard Long
Beans- Purple Yard Long
Beets -Detroit with tops0.930.06
Beets – Golden with tops10.250.64
Longevity Spinach
I’toi Onion Tops / Greens
I’toi Onions0.150.01
Moringa Leaves0.030.02
Moringa Pods24.051.05
Red Pepper2.2.14
Squash – Cube of Butter17.31.08
Squash – Patty Pan15.1.094
Squash Zucchini
Tomato – Early Girl4.70.29
Tomato – Red Cherry Volunteer?0.550.03
Tomato -Rutgers
Tomato – Sun Gold2.80.18
Vegetable harvest last week of May
Lemon balm
Herb harvest last week of May
Total Harvest:99.546.22

What I planted In MAY in my backyard garden:

Here is a list of seeds I planted in May – Due to a diverse microclimate in the yard, I sometimes like to experiment with planting early or out of season crops:

Amaranth Spinach Multi-Colored
Amaranth – Hopi
Armenian Cucumbers
Beans- Asparagus Beans
Beans – Cave Beans (got eaten by something, replanted in June)
Beans – Oriental Yard Long
Beans – Purple Noodle Beans
Beans – Soy
Pumpkin – Sugar Pie
Radish (Planted under my Armenian Cucumbers and yard Long Beans)
Roselle Hibiscus
Sweet Potato (1 plant)
Sunflower – Mammoth & Velvet Queen
Watermelon – Moon & Stars or Sugar Baby, forgot to label this one 🙂

Arizona Spring Garden harvest numbers for an urban garden
How much can you harvest from a quarter acre garden
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