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    Vegan Freezer Chocolate Pecan Cookies

    A Vegan lifestyle isn’t all about boring foods and living off of salads.  We switched to a vegan diet about 4 months ago.  My husband has slowly realized over the past few years that he is allergic to eggs and all dairy products.   Since our family is a live together –  eat together family, if one person has to go on a special diet, we all go on a special diet.  My kids support their dad by eating a vegan diet at home for the most part.  They are not strict vegans and do eat eggs, cheese, seafood and meat when at school or with friends.  However,  when you have…

  • Dairy Free Vegan Pesto with Basil
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    Dairy Free Vegan Pesto

    Basil thrives all summer long here in Arizona. Every spring we sow seeds for sweet basil. As you can see by the end of summer we have more than enough of this great herb to last all year.  This is 3 of the 6 plants we have growing around our yard. So what to do with all that basil? How about make some dairy free Vegan Pesto!! This large leafed variety, also known as Genovese basil, has many uses in the kitchen as well as your medicine cabinet. For centuries it has been used to treat stomach issues, parasites, head colds, ear infections, bites, stings, and the list goes on.…