Composting Worms

What To Feed Your Red Worms

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Now that your worms are accustomed to their new home you will want to start slowly feeding them. We recommend that you start out with small amounts of food to get to know what your wigglers like to eat and also to monitor the quantity.

Do’s & Don’ts

Red Wigglers are known to love Watermelon, Pureed Pumpkin (pie filling), and Corn Meal. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to feeding your worms.


  • glossy paper products
  • meat products
  • dairy products
  • jalapenos and other spicy foods
  • cat and dog poo – can be composted by the worms but not if castings are to be used in the garden. Poses a health risk.
  • citrus – can make the bin acidic. OK in very small quantities on occasion


  • small pieces, it is a good idea to chop food or soften it by freezing then thawing
  • bury food under the bedding at least 3″ to deter fruit flies and gnats
  • use rain water or well water if using city water let it sit in a bucket for 24hours before using on bedding to reduce the chemicals used in the water. Worms are like organics, they do not like chemicals.
  • OK, this is Don’t but it is under the Do’s. Don’t worry about bacteria, mold and microbe populations. These organisms help break down the food matter to make it easier for the worms to consume. They also contribute to the castings. Great compost is full of microbial organisms. And castings are full of them!

Here is a list of a few of the foods I feed to our worms:

(note is is better to try small quantities of new items at first to see if your worm herd enjoys them first)

Apples & PeelsLettuce
BeansPinto Beans
Bananas & PeelsPancakes
Coffee Grounds & FiltersStrawberries
CucumberTea Leaves & Bags
Egg Shells (crushed)Watermelon/ Cantelope
Garbanzo Beens Worm Chow

Now you can move on how to Harvest Your Castings.