• Christmas

    Homemade Country Christmas

    This year we wanted to celebrate a true Homemade Country Christmas.  We decided to forgo the store bought ornaments, tinsel and decorations.  You can follow our lead and help bring your family together with your own Christmas creations. The kids and I have had a few Christmas Crafting days this month.  One day we made simple decorations to adorn our mantle.  The next day we spent together laughing and making tree decorations.   This year our favorite item to use was burlap.  It is a very versatile fabric that can be made into various holiday ornaments.

  • DIY Garden Projects

    Affordable DIY Patio

    Below is a project and write up I completed while living in Washington State.  Let me know what you think!!!! Looking for an affordable DIY patio?   So was I when I came across an ad in a local online buy/sell/trade website.  It was a listing for FREE leftover granite pieces from a local granite business.  It turns out, it is cheaper for these businesses to give away the scrap pieces from projects they have finished than to haul the 1000 lb pallets to the local dump. To me the words FREE and DIY are what really get me excited.  So I started thinking what could I do with a couple…