Homemade Country Christmas

This year we wanted to celebrate a true Homemade Country Christmas.  We decided to forgo the store bought ornaments, tinsel and decorations.  You can follow our lead and help bring your family together with your own Christmas creations.

The kids and I have had a few Christmas Crafting days this month.  One day we made simple decorations to adorn our mantle.  The next day we spent together laughing and making tree decorations.   This year our favorite item to use was burlap.  It is a very versatile fabric that can be made into various holiday ornaments.

We started out with red and brown burlap. With a little Modge Podge and a scrap piece of wood you can create your very own “Star Mantle Art”.   The great thing about this piece is you can also use it for decorating for the 4th of July!

Download the template here :  Star Art Template

Star Christmas Art Piece


Red and Brown Burlap or color of choice
Modge Podge
Hot Glue Gun (Optional)
Star Templates
Large needle


Download my star templates and cut out both the small and large stars.
Cut out a piece of burlap in each color, larger than your templates. Decide which color you want as the back color and which on top.
Cover each burlap star with Modge Podge, this will make the fabric stiff and resistant to fraying once you cut it. Let Dry.

Layer the stars with the smaller star on top and glue together.  I added a bow using a scrap piece of string that fell off the burlap. Attach the stars to a piece of scrap wood.  (For this project I had a perfect sized leftover piece of cedar fence board.)

You can use this technique to make other stand alone burlap ornaments in almost any shape you can imagine.

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